About Us.

Our Club was first formed in 1968 as an Numismatics (Coin Collecting) Club, over the years we started to move to metal detecting club with acquired land for the members to detect on freely(depending on crops)

Loughborough Coin and Search Society Group arrange & organise Metal Detecting digs for metal detecting enthusiasts in various locations around the East Midlands in Leicestershire

We try to visit sites that may hold a vast and interesting history and good finds potential.

Our Metal Detecting Digs are held on Sundays throughout the year. We occasionally run Saturday metal detecting digs. We also run weekend detecting events for the longer distance digs, which helps give members the chance to detect a site that may be too far for just one days detecting.We occasionally arrange larger metal detecting rallies for members and guests.

Our digs start at 9.30am and finish between 4pm-8pm depending on the time of year.

If you are interested in joining a metal detecting club/group and would like to become a member of The LCSS then please use the contact us page or click on the become a member page to fill out an application form. Membership is currently full, please fill out an application to be added to our waiting list.

First Thursday of every month we hold club night where we have guest speakers attending.

Loughborough Coin and Search Society is a non profit organization, our events funds go to our selected charity read more.

We welcome Farmers and land owners to contact us, as we are always looking for land to detect and hold events on.

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